We Want To Publish Every. Single. Wedding.

Stop thinking of Borrowed & Blue as a wedding blog.
We are not a blog. We are an elegant, mobile, shareable portfolio. As a platform for you, we skip the evaluation process entirely—if it’s your work, it belongs on Borrowed & Blue, period.
We play by different rules.
And by different, we mean 100% inclusive. We believe that that every wedding is beautiful—regardless of budget, age, race, religion, body type, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other classification. So every wedding has a home on Borrowed & Blue.
Quality weddings are always rewarded.
B&B editors recognize greatness when they see it. We offer opportunities for editorial promotion through our national weekly wedding newsletter, “Seeking Stellar,” and on our social media.
Sending us all of your weddings is low risk, high reward.
As a wedding professional, you’ve already put in the work. Now let your work work for you. By sending us more weddings, you’ll increase your exposure to millions of actively searching couples across our site.
And we do mean ALL your weddings.
Stats show that vendors with at least 8 weddings on B&B are over 3 times more likely to receive a client inquiry. There’s literally no reason NOT to send us as many weddings as you’ve got.
The process is SO easy.
No wasting time assembling images and text; just send us the basic deets. You barely have to lift a finger. And it will help you book more clients. How many other websites can say that?
How Does it Work?
What info do you need from me?
We keep it to a bare minimum:
How do I send you my weddings?
You have several choices for getting your wedding info in our hands:
What vendor information do you need?
To publish a wedding, we require the name of the venue and the photographer, as well as 3 additional vendor names. But we REALLY LOVE having the complete vendor list.

What are your photo requirements?
We ask that all images be non-watermark, non-collaged, high resolution, and at least 1300 pixels wide.

What is the turnaround time from submission to publication?
We work as quickly as possible. The average time from when we receive a wedding until it’s published on our site is
3-4 weeks.

Can I send the same wedding to you that I’ve sent to other publications?
Absolutely. That’s our whole mantra: we are a non-exclusive publisher, so automatically send us your weddings as soon as they’re available for non-exclusive publication.

If you accept everything, what happens to overall quality of your site?
Don’t worry, we still care deeply about the “pretty,” and B&B editors recognize greatness when they see it. Opportunities exist for editorial promotion through our national weekly wedding newsletter, “Seeking Stellar,” or on our social media.

How many weddings are too many to submit?
This one’s a trick question. There is no such thing as too many weddings. We are 100% deadfaced literal when we say “send everything.” You have only clients to gain, and nothing to lose.
Submit Your Wedding.